Crypto asset transactions create a major headache in terms of tax compliance and financial reporting. Current guidance from the IRS and the FASB calls for these assets to be treated like property and every one of these transactions now has a complicated calculation that must be done to report a gain or loss. This causes a major problem for anyone that takes in cryptocurrency or spends it regularly as they need either expensive consultants to keep track of these transactions or worse, an even more expensive full time staff.

There are a few apps and web based applications like Balance and Cointracker that handle a small volume of transactions. These solutions, however, are useless to any business that has any significant volume of inflows and outflows from cryptocurreny, especially when you have multiple wallets you use to run your business. These apps also provide no help in coding your ledger to account for these transactions.


Thankfully, Blockchain Accounting Solutions has solved this painful problem.


A Dedicated Accounting Consultant Works With You Directly To Set Up And Optimize Internal Processes & Procedures


We Customize Our Software To Your Company Specific Requirements


We provide ongoing Support and Training Services


We Keep Your Software & Accounting Procedures Up To Date With The Latest IRS/FASB Regulations. Preparing Your Company For Any Situation.


Custom Branded Crypto Management Dashboard

Automated Transaction Sync

In Depth Transaction Reporting Tools

Handling Large Volumes Of Transactions

Wallet To Wallet Transactions

Auto Coded, Ledger Ready Transactions

Why Choose BlockChain Accounting Solutions?

Because our founder has taken a leading role in coming up with an efficient, common sense solution to handling cryptocurrency transactions and issues. We have been working with the IRS and the Big 4 to develop guidelines and processes for tax reporting, financial reporting, and auditing of cryptocurrency asset transactions. We have a team of engineers that can work with you to solve any problems to automate the process and provide the custom reporting that you need.

You will not just be buying a software solution. You will be getting expert guidance during the implementation to setup your processes, train your team, and monitor the changing crypto regulatory landscape to ensure your financials will be accurate and compliant.

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Our software fits around your business. We work with you to understand your business and then develop algorithms and rules so that our software gives you the reporting you need. We will also always be available to make changes when your business changes. No business stays stagnant, we won’t either.

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This customization makes our software 100% accurate because we understand your transactions and reporting needs and configure it specifically for your situations and tendencies. We also put it through rigorous testing to guarantee that we not only get it right the first time, but every time.

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Once implementation is complete, our software will calculate and code your transactions at the push of a button. Also our dashboard helps you understand your wallet activity in a matter of seconds. Current downloads off the blockchain are difficult to read and understand. Our technology keeps you up to date on all your transactions in record time.

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Without our software, you will be forced to spend many times more on an in-house team or expensive consultants. Our software was specifically designed to eliminate manual work so your staff can be productive helping your business in other ways.


Founder and Managing Partner

Charles Hawkins, CPA

Mr. Hawkins has many years of experience serving in vital roles producing world class financial and accounting services. A former Deloitte alumnus, he worked out of their Silicon Valley office focusing primarily on private equity and venture capital funds. He also has worked for two Fortune 500 companies in NextEra Energy (NEE) and Tyco International (TYC), each with a market capitalization in excess of $30 billion. Charles previously founded a successful consulting company that focused on transforming pre-IPO companies into elite organizations.

Currently, he has taken the lead in working with the IRS, FASB, and other regulatory bodies on the proper accounting for cryptocurrency transactions. Charles has many clients in the Crypto space which inspired him to develop a more accurate and cost effective way to handle this difficult problem.

He graduated from the University of Florida with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Lead Software Engineer & UI Designer

Zack Orwick

Zack has been developing UI for roughly 5-10 years, and developing Cloud Based Architecture and applications for the last 5+ years. Zack has successfully designed, developed, and architected many applications and dashboards that have been created through Microsoft Azure’s SAAS (Software as service), PAAS (Platform as a service), and IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) with Microsoft Azure’s robust feature set.

Software Engineer

Billy Clark

Billy has worked as a software engineer and consultant for the past 10 years and has been involved in the design, development and implementation of vast types of software applications that range from small scale financial sales tracking dashboards to HIPAA compliant dashboards. Billy specializes in architecting financial software applications which consist of building a $300 million dollar grant management application, developing custom ERP integrations with SAP along with several other high level projects.

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